Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Visit to Gisborne Intermediate

Room 4 was blown away with the talent at Gisborne Intermediate today. We got to watch dance, drama, music and singing!

Museum Visit

Kyle leads Paru, Emily, Trinity, Taylah and Luke through their retelling of the Horouta legend and how kumara came to New Zealand. Some budding actors and actresses within our class!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Making Kindness Catchy!

At the end of last term we begun our "Warm Fuzzy Thuzzies". Every Thursday we each randomly select a persons name and write down things we like about that person. Miss Beattie then reads the anonymous messages out loud. As it is "make kindness catchy week" we thought we would post these to our blog.

Some one wrote for....

Mykall D- "I like that you are funny"
Luke- "I like that you like minecraft-so do I"
Jessica-" I like that you were enthusiastic at the Museum.. and you're fast"
Paru- "I like  that you have a great sense of humour"
Tamlea- "I like that you're kind and helpful. You're also good at basic facts"
Wi-" I like how helpful you are"
Johntay-" I like that you're kind and funny"
Emily-"I like that you're kind, helpful and I also like your curly hair"
Jazmine-" I like the way you smile"
Trinity-" I like that you're funny and enthusiastic"
Wayan-"I like that you're very silly"
Tobias- 'I like that you are kind, smart and have cool glasses"
Shivani-"I like that you have cool earrings, are friendly and smart"
Miss Beattie-" I like that you are nice and really cool"
Aiden-"I like that you are kind even with a cast on"
Luka-" I like that you are good at rugby"
Te Wai-" I like that you are good at Maths"
Matias-" I like that you have a long rats tail, you are great and handball, touch and with a great smile"
Kevin-" I like that you're kind and smart"
Shelby-" I like  that you're good at handball"
Dylan-" I like that you're smart on computers and really kind"
Kyle- "I like that way you run and smile"
Manaia-" I like that you're funny and awesome"
Braith-" I like that you're enthusiastic about Maths"
Taylah- "I like that you're so pretty and kind"
Faith-" I like that you're kind, friendly and have a good smile"

Cazaly, Morgan, Savanah, Calais and Michael H were absent. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Athletics Time

The Senior students of Awapuni School began their Athletics practice in the glorious sun this afternoon. Each year group practiced a different skill (high jump, long jump and throwing)
Two of our Room 4 students, Luka and Emily are pictured below mid flight. Thanks to Calais for being our photographer in action! #gigatowngis

Writing Time

Fwoosh!! Room 4 has flown into some fantastic writing for Term Four! So far we have written about Spring, doing something really scary and today, an exciting memory of your time growing up in Gisborne! Miss Beattie was thrilled to see how many different types of language features we could recall.. Today's focus was including onomatopoeia.. #gigatowngis

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Awapuni Dance Club Performance

Can you spot our Room 4 dancers? Calais, Paru, Emily and Faith were all part of this energetic bunch. Miss Beattie was very proud of all the senior girls involved :) 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Privilege Day Fun!

Room 4 had an absolute blast on Privilege Day and some lucky students were able to help Miss Beattie's sister in the kitchen making pizzas! Thanks to all our lovely parents who contributed to our shared lunch- always such a great success!!